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02/20/2007 - Vile's TeamSpeak Adventures
Well, what I've done is established a TS Server that is up. Our main purpose was to have a Server we could join anytime we desired. I got that now. The catch? Although I have a password on our channel, etc, we're sharing it with a lot of other people. I personally have no problem with this for the time being, so be flexible and deal with this for now. It's no biggy. I made our own channel called Guild Wars [LOTO] with subchannels AB, Guild Hall, and PvE something. Anyway, we can come and go as we please now without having a time schedule to worry about...

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    I will be searching for a free web server that will have free ports open. This is assuming my server doesnt do anything about their TS/Vent or other VoIP problems. It has been addressed many times. What may also be under discussion is a website I found that sets up a free TS server for about 8 hours max. It's open, etc. so this could be also be done at peak hours of around 3-11 but I thought that would be a type of burden.
Information on how to connect is below and listed below the banner on each page of this site.

How to connect to our current TS Server
  1. Open TS and click on Connect - Click for picture

  2. Connect!

  3. The server connections window will pop up. Right click > Add server to get to see this: Click for picture

  4. Remember that you don't provide a login at this point.
    The Channel info will bring you right to our channel.
    Simply scroll down until you see a green dot thingy next to your name.
    Easy to find quickly.

  5. When you're in the server as a guest, now is your time to register. Click for picture

  6. Register!

  7. Fill out your desired nickname (preferably the one you use in Guild Wars) and password. Click for picture

  8. Type in your info to...Register!

  9. Finally, you need to go back into Connect as shown in steps 1 and 2 and then fill out what you left blank before. Your "login name" and "user password". Now you can just enter TS, click connect, and it will log you in, bring you to the right channel, and EVERYTHING! It's all neat and easy now. See ya/Hear ya there. If you have any questions, I'm always on. "l Attar l" or "l Vile l" usually. aka "l Entroc l"
- l Vile l

02/19/2007 - The Council has decided, yesterday, on accepting two Guilds to our new Alliance. Let us welcome them heartily. Thank you for those who attended the Council. - Marius Verius

02/19/2007 - Ave Legions! Last night's Canthan New Year's project was a great success. Thank you all to who contributed to make it possible. To give an overview for those who were unable to attend, LOTO pulled together and farmed the necessary ingredients to feed the Celestial Pig and rewarded the entire district with a golden Miniature Pig and 16 red gift bags. We had then entire channel hollering for our guild. I personally received multiple PM's of thanks, one from a father and his 7 year old daughter that hoped to get a pig before the festival ended. I hope we can continue to organize and deliver this kind of community service in the future. We should all be proud. I've uploaded a few screenshots from our celebration, if you were there and have some you'd like me to upload, e-mail me or reply to Marick's thread on the forums.

P.S. I'm still looking for character screenshots from multiple members, please send them my way, or tell me to meet you in Guild Hall so I can take one. Thanks. - Aaron Kimura

01/23/2007 - Attention Members of the Legion,
I am writting this to let you know that Lord Marcus' computer is down to a virus. He has asked me to take over until his return. There are not going to be any changes as to the way this guild will be operated. One thing, I would like everyone to start getting ready for GvG. Get all the skills you need and also start working in Alliance Battles so that we can get the teamwork together. All members of the council should know what skills will be needed for this--If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them.....Also Lords of the Council, I would like to have a meeting sometime this week, I am not going to designate a time--just let me know what time is good for you and we can work something out...... - Aaron Eveningstar

01/21/2007 - This is the webmaster asking for all to contribute to our site in order to make it the best it can be. To do this, check out the Downloads section, view the two build examples I've listed, and send me yours! E-mail me with the template file in a zip and all other pertinent information and I'll post it with the others. Also, if you have any other useful info that could be listed on the site, let me know. - Aaron Kimura

01/21/2007 - AVE LEGIONS!! Congratulations to Lord Gungor Thor for winning our first ever Running Challenge from Beacon's to Droks!!! There will be another Running Challenge next weekend on Sunday. The Stakes will be one (1) Rune of Supeior Vigor to the winner of the Race and 4k to the 1st Runner thru the 1st waypoint past Beacon's. The winner of the overall race is determined as the 1st toon thru the gate into Droks. Good Luck! - Milena Sefic

01/20/2007 - House of Sefic is sponsoring a Running Contest. All runners are invited. The contest is the 1st runner from Beacon's to Drok will win an amount of 15k. The Contest will take place on Sunday around 2PM (Pacific Standard) - Gungor Thor

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